MFID 2015: Residential Edition Top 10: Kiwi Interior Design


(V= Vernelle Foong , A: Ann Low)
How did your design journey begin?
V: Well for me, I didn’t have any experience before meeting Ann as I studied something completely different, so my journey began about 2 years ago when I met her. I just sort of got involved with it and learnt more about it, and now it is something I really enjoy.

A: I studied interior design so I guess for me it started from there. But even when I was young, I always enjoyed things like that – art and design – it was interesting for me.

What inspires you when you design?
A: Travelling. A lot of travelling, shopping – window shopping mainly. [laughs]

V: For me – it’ll be the same, but mainly travel. You learn so much just from travelling.


How do you feel about being in the MFID Top 10?
A: It’s great to be recognised! After winning this, it gives you more confidence and pushes you more.


Can you tell us a little about your winning project?
A: The owner wanted us to create a ‘wow’ effect, so when his guest would enter, that’s how they would feel. Basically, the most important thing in this project was choosing the right materials so that we could create this  luxurious yet elegant space.

V: The client basically wanted something impressive for her house.


What sort of materials did you opt for then?
A: We used a lot of reflective materials including marble for the floors and also reflective glass, which you can see in a zigzag shape in the lounge – it stretches up to the ceiling but is also the TV wall. Over the dining area, we put in a mirror on the ceiling so that it could create a double-spacing effect.

How would you describe your project in 3 words?
A: Modern, luxury, elegant!


What was the biggest challenge in this project?
A: Because we used a lot of mirror and glass – this is obviously a very fragile material – the tricky thing was positioning these materials on the ceiling and very high-up spaces.

And the biggest achievement?
V: The fact that both of us are just really happy with the finished designed of this project. What we initially designed was actually the reality of it.


What is an important element when it comes to interior design?
A: Definitely the budget! You can’t expect us to create something when the budget doesn’t allow it, so you have to think about what you want and factor in a reasonable budget to go with it.

What do you want our readers to know about Kiwi Interior Design?
A: Even though we are quite new in this industry – about 4 years – we will always do our best to dress up your interior the best we can.

T: +603 4032 1608

The Winning Project
Palmiera 3-storey Semi-D

Kinrara Residence, Puchong

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